Arsam Plast Co.

Every day of our life in 20th century world, we are encountering innovations which are originated from a creative mind and now Arsam Plast Co. is planning to make a new way in polymer compounding in order to develop a higher quality in human’s life based on expert knowledge and experience.
Arsam Plast products are sorted in 7 groups. These groups are designed and optimized based on market demands.

Arsamide : Poly Amide compounds
Arsapylene : Poly Propylene compounds
Arsalene : Poly Ethylene compounds
ArsaElast : Thermoplastic Elastomers based on EPDM (TPE)
ArsaPrene : Thermoplastic Elastomers based on SEBS (TPE)
ArsaFlex : Volcanized Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPV)ه
Arsabatch: additive and filler master batches

Polymers Application

Polymers versatile properties and the possibility of special designing regarding consumer desired properties has encountered us with new horizons in technology. As a result of polymer characteristics they are the most appropriate choice for different industries including automotive, packaging, electronics, home appliances and etc. Arsam Plast Co. and its experts are ready to provide you with advanced polymer compounds and the best engineering services.